The publication includes the following preface.

Transposing Johann’s Sebastian Bach’s Partita in A Minor (BWV 1013) to the key of G Minor duplicates the pitch-level that was most common during the time that the composition was written (A 392). As a result of transposing the composition alternative muscle patterns and timbres can be explored. The edition also includes clearly identified, re-written (ossia) sections of Bach’s original passage-work that are intended for both study and performance. The choice of which passages to alter and what to write was consistently based on and modeled after Bach’s writing in other parts of the same movement. Changing original passage-work included: 1. continuing “incomplete” sequential passages, 2. changing incomplete to complete cadences, 3. inverting passage work to bring out similarities with other passages, 4. re-ordering the order of the notes within a particular passage, 5. repeating cadential passage work when it was not repeated in the second half of a movement, and 6. either varying or “de-varying” melodic lines that are a part of the original score.

Click below to listen to a recording of the Paper Route Press edition of Bach’s Partita. (Recorded by Tim Lane by Ivar Lunde Jr. at Skyline Studios, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The flute that was used is the third flute made by Gary W. Lewis.)

Here is an excerpt taken from the Corrette:

Corrette Part I (complete)_0001.png