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The purpose of this publication of the D-Major Flute Concerto (K314-285d) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) is to provide performers and scholars with an edition that makes the relation between performance and analysis in accordance with late eighteenth-century writings and aesthetics readily accessible.  The edition focuses on the interpretive possibilities a late eighteenth-century understanding of structural expansion and concerto form can bring to contemporary performance. Interestingly, this approach re-aligns the performance style of classical music more closely with the style galant period which preceded it. It is my hope that this edition will be used by flute players, oboists, and others interested in late eighteenth-century performance practice issues.  The edition includes a solo flute part with cadenzas, a piano reduction of the orchestral score, an annotated score of the concerto that outlines an analysis of the concerto based on the writings of Heinrich Christoph Koch (1749-1816), and end notes that support and explain the scholarship.